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Are you at risk for type 2 Diabetes?  

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Are Carbohydrates Causing Havoc in Your Blood Sugar Levels?

Danielle Diabetes Made Better Transparen

Danielle Batiste


Living with diabetes doesn't mean your life is over. It's time to take control of your health and manage your diabetes without feeling deprived or restricted. Educating yourself about carbohydrates, the impact they have on your blood sugar levels, and how to make smart choices can make a significant difference in your diabetes management journey.

Introducing our FREE guide: "Carbohydrates Decoded: Empower Yourself to Manage Diabetes Effectively."

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Being Diagnosed With Diabetes Is Not An Automatic Death Sentence



30 mins a day of some type of exercise such as walking around a track, or on a treadmill cause what you want to do is get your heart rate up to burn calories.  That’s how you keep the glucose at bay and you feeling good.

Maintain Weight

There are many things you can do to maintain your weight but I will list just a few not to bored you too much: Exercise Regularly, write down the food intake, weigh yourself that’s if you want to do it everyday or weekly, and put in more fiber.

body movement

Any type of exercise that that feel comfortable to you and something that you can continue to do every day or every other day to keep your body moving and your heart rate going. I will give you a list of some exercises but you can definitely research a few of your own. 

In this comprehensive guide, you will discover:

As a type two diabetes advocate and someone who believes that being diagnosed with diabetes is not a death sentence, I have made it my mission to support and educate pre-diabetics and type two diabetics on how to lead a fulfilling life while managing their condition.

  1. Understanding carbohydrates: We break down the different types of carbohydrates and their effects on blood sugar levels. Get a clear understanding of what you're consuming and how it impacts your overall health.

  2. Making the right choices: Learn effective strategies to make informed food choices without feeling restricted. We provide you with practical tips on identifying healthy carbohydrate sources and portion control techniques.

  3. Balanced meal planning: We share simple and delicious recipes that are tailored for diabetics, ensuring you can enjoy your meals while managing your blood sugar levels effectively.

  4. Diabetes myths debunked: We address common misconceptions surrounding carbohydrates and diabetes, giving you the tools to separate fact from fiction.

  5. Expert advice: Hear from renowned medical professionals and diabetes specialists who share their insights on managing diabetes and leading a fulfilling life. Learn strategies to stay motivated and positively impact your overall well-being.

Don't let diabetes control your life. Take charge today and reclaim your health and happiness. Download our FREE guide "Carbohydrates Decoded: Empower Yourself to Manage Diabetes Effectively" and start your journey towards a vibrant life without compromising.

Remember, being diagnosed with diabetes is not a death sentence. Embrace your condition, educate yourself, and thrive!


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Together, let's rewrite the narrative surrounding diabetes – because your health and happiness matter.


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