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Danielle M. Batiste

Author | Speaker | Advocate

Danielle Batiste is the author of Diabetes Made Better, a guide to better living for type 2 diabetics. She has been interviewed on Pittsburgh talk show PCTV21, recognized by Yahoo Finance as author of the year in 2019, featured in several magazine publications to include Effingham Magazine and Indi Incognito. Her work can also be found in the Virgil I. Grissom Library, alongside her first publication titled Crying Out Loud. All of the experience Danielle has acquired while living life as a type 2 diabetic shines through in her latest book, Diabetes Made Better. Her commitment to helping others is what inspired her to create the Diabetes Made Better brand where she delivers chronic illness awareness, educational information, customized merchandise, courses for diabetics, and a host of other tools to help anyone who has been newly diagnosed or currently living with type 2.


As a respected Army Veteran, Danielle can relate to the challenges many military families might face, such as deployment and the impact it can have on the family unit. In her first book Cryin’ Out Loud, she uses her wisdom to speak to the underlined emotions of any child of a soldier who has experienced the effects of separation anxiety.


In her sophomore book, “Let Go My Glucose – Winning with Diabetes,” she pens her journey back to a healthier Danielle, before receiving the diagnosis that changed her life. This journey has helped Danielle discover her purpose of education and advocacy through literature and advocacy.


In her newest book, “Diabetes Made Better,” Danielle reminds us that diabetes isn’t a death sentence! With just a few alternative lifestyle adjustments, you can still maintain an active and abundant life. This book serves as a roadmap, offering guidance and inspiration to everyone who reads it. The answer to living with diabetes is written in these pages, and Danielle rises to the occasion by being one who is knowledgeable and transparent while supporting others who have their own unique experiences living with this potentially deadly disease.


As a Louisiana native currently living in Virginia, Danielle Batiste prides herself on being a mentor and advocate for those who are living with diabetes and bravely builds a legacy of serving others. Her expertise and honest approach make her an important asset to any audience. In her spare time Danielle enjoys reading, and spending quality time with her son, Brandon and their furbabies.

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