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Danielle Batiste is a bestselling author and speaker. Danielle is a native of Louisiana, but currently lives in Newport News, VA with her Husband Floyd and son, Brandon. Her husband and son are very much a part of her "why", in fact they are her inspiration to serve the world as a speaker and author.

Like many veterans of the United States military, Danielle and her family have been exposed to the pitfalls of being committed to both family and country. Deployment is a tough experience for the entire family, including the soldier Not many outside of the military life fully understand the effects of a family member not only being absent, but being in dangerous, possibly deadly locations.

It is from these very experiences that Danielle, known as Chardonnay to literary audience, has written her bestselling and highly acclaimed book, "Cryin' Out - Separation Anxiety and the Soldiers Child".

Danielle is currently in the process of having her book "Cryin' Out" into a feature film.

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